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Quick turnaround. Responsiveness. Minimal direction required. Exceeding expectations. You guys know what’s needed and just get it done, fast.

We were all extremely happy with the outcome of the presentation deck, which without eSlide’s help would have been a disaster!

All you need to do is start with a design of your story, send a file to their email and they will assign a person to work with you. eSlide will make your story come to life in the most creative way. It doesn’t matter who they assign to your job, the entire eSlide team is great.

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25,000+ successful presentation projects
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eSlide has improved over 80,000 slides this year alone

A preeminent financial services company needed to upgrade their presentations to be more cutting-edge. They wanted an easy-to-use presentation template designed to switch from standard screen size (4×3) to widescreen (16×9) smoothly. Once a style was approved they needed their annual shareholder presentation migrated to the new look and redesigned to be more visually impactful. eSlide was able to guide them through the branding process and help their high-stakes meeting get the results they wanted, all while meeting their internal and regulatory deadlines.

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A leading healthcare client needed to transform a data heavy presentation into a convincing sales tool. They had strong figures showing improvements they could deliver in terms of employee wellness and reduced healthcare costs. However the presentation was not well received since it was all charts and graphs. eSlide introduced a human element to help show the quality of life improvements our client was able to deliver, which helped their story become engaging and compelling.

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Our global technology client needed ASAP help. Their internal teams were overloaded, and couldn’t keep pace with last-minute edits to a high-profile Investor Day presentation. By using eSlide’s ability to divide work seamlessly amongst multiple designers, we were able to turn their crisis into an opportunity to make their most successful presentation ever.

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An international Social Media Management firm wanted to create a succinct presentation to use in virtual pitch situations. The slides needed to clearly explain how they bring value to their Fortune 500 clients and hold viewer attention, even while competing with distractions in their real office environments. The client knew the points they wanted to make but needed help bringing the ideas to life on visually engaging slides.

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A national Real Estate Fund needed to create an online sales and marketing presentation. They had collected some compelling data about the results they were able to deliver. However the slides were dry, and not helping to explain their value story. eSlide worked iteratively with the client team to create an animated presentation that felt more like a video than a slide deck, which the clients were able to publish online for maximum reach and impact.

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Our large pharmaceutical client needed to take a text-heavy document and streamline it for an important executive presentation to the Board of Directors. This was a very high-stakes meeting that would decide funding levels for a new group within the company.

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A leading Internet Marketing firm wanted a standout promotional piece to drive interest in their ground-breaking book and workshops. They needed something easier to produce and with greater ROI than a typical “talking head” video. eSlide was able to quickly create a branded look for their information, visualize and animate their content within PowerPoint, and save directly to video. The finished piece remains one of their best performers, with over 100x the views of more traditional media; without the downtime associated with a typical video shoot.

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A global leader in Commodity Risk Management software was undergoing a large-scale transformation. They had long been empowering their customers (the top energy firms in the world) to make informed business decisions by virtue of the analytics they provide. Recently they completed a number of enhancements that took their services to a whole new level, and they wanted their annual shareholder meeting to reflect the excitement and potential offered by the launch of these new intelligence tools.

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