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High-Impact Business PowerPoint Presentations

It’s no secret that the PowerPoint slides used in a business presentation can make it or break it. Most high-stakes meetings depend on effective business PowerPoint presentations to keep the audience engaged, and make key messages clear and memorable. You often have just one opportunity to make your case and move the audience to take action. If your presentation visuals are not professional, you can hurt your reputation, miss opportunities and lose business. Don’t take risks; let eSlide help you increase your chance to succeed.

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Quickly Produced, Hassle-Free Business PowerPoint Presentations

eSlide has been providing high level service and quality for over a dozen years and is the “go-to” resource for many executives at the top companies in the world. Outsourcing the design and production of your business PowerPoint presentations to a professional company like eSlide has a number of benefits, including:

  • Professional Presentation Design–Almost everyone has PowerPoint, but not the years of experience needed to create effective, impactful business powerpoint presentations and graphics. Most presenters understand their content and know what they want to say, but struggle with how to convey their message visually. You’ll be amazed at what our award winning designers can do to bring your key points to life, and how audiences will respond to your professionally designed, highly effective slides.
  • Low-Stress Development – Short presentation deadlines can cause huge problems, and a lot of stress. There are so many moving parts to creating an important presentation that managing them can be like another full-time job. Trying to bring a freelancer up to speed or attempting to train someone in-house can just add to the pressure, and might not deliver results. eSlide has produced over 15,000 successful PowerPoint presentations – and never missed a deadline. When you trust us with your project you can be confident that we will get it done, on time and within budget.
  • Advanced Technical Knowledge – At eSlide we don’t “also do” business PowerPoint presentations – we specialize in them. This means we are highly proficient and can help you avoid technical issues before they arise. If you need to show your presentation on iPad or via webinar, we can guide you. If you’re looking to clarify your message by adding animations or sound, we can help. Even if you want to turn your presentation into a shareable video for YouTube or Facebook we’ve been-there-done-that. Take advantage of our technical knowledge to get the results you need from your PowerPoint presentations.

When you weigh the costs and benefits of trying to execute this critical work in-house versus hiring the professionals at eSlide, things become clear. Don’t risk losing opportunities by presenting to your audience with inferior or ineffective slides. Mediocre business PowerPoint presentations make your hard work look sloppy and makes your presentation ineffective as a whole. Instead of letting your hard work go to waste, work with the professionals in business presentations and get the results you need!

Need to Upgrade Your Slides?

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Contact us so we can diagnose exactly what your presentations need to be more successful, and provide you with a free quote. Whether you are looking for a business plan powerpoint presentation or a project pitch powerpoint, we can help you make the most effective presentation possible with your material.

eSlide’s Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Designers are Specialists

At eSlide, each and every one of our designers has over 15 years’ experience in creating world class business PowerPoint presentations. We work with PowerPoint all day, every day – so we know how to get the most out of it. This means we can help you see the possibilities of what can be done rather than the limitations of what cannot.

Also, we intimately understand the nature of the work involved in developing effective slides. This is about more than just operating software; it is about smoothly integrating with your content teams and helping them make their key messages memorable. Because we are specialists in business plan PowerPoint presentations we understand the nature of business concepts and how to convey them as effective visuals to support your speakers.

The eSlide Secret for Upgrading Your Business PowerPoint presentations

Our industry-leading expertise and long track record of experience have allowed us to identify three critical success factors for creating the most effective business PowerPoint presentations possible. We address these in every presentation we develop and even offer special PowerPoint training to our clients in these areas:


This refers to how your content is organized, both in terms of outline or general story-flow and within every individual slide. Without good structure your presentation feels chaotic, disorganized, or even confusing. With effective structure, your presentation becomes a tool that allows you to clearly convey your messages and lead your audience to the conclusions you would like.


Sometimes, less can truly be more. Good business PowerPoint presentations are often the culmination of extensive research or data analysis. It’s natural for authors to want to include all the information they possibly can, but this can become self-defeating. Audiences and presenters can easily become overwhelmed, which leads to drifting attention and unproductive meetings. The principle of economy allows us to eliminate excessive messaging so that what remains can be more effective and impactful.


A successful presentation is like a journey, moving from point to point to arrive at a desired conclusion. Emphasis on key parts of your business PowerPoint presentations help ensure that your key points stand out so that no one gets lost or left behind. Because we specialize in graphic design for business presentations, eSlide knows how to use emphasis appropriately. This means your audience can stay focused so your presentations are more memorable, more effective, and more successful.

Business PowerPoint presentations and Counting

Over the course of creating more than 18,000 presentations, eSlide’s professional business PowerPoint designers have earned the praise of countless satisfied clients.

We have created many different types of business PowerPoint presentations, and we can help you and your presentations so you can impress and impact your coworkers, clients, and customers.

eslide powerpoint consulting

Whether you need one critical slide, a template redesign, a complete transformation or any combination of these, we can help. We start with a collaborative assessment of your project, and decide the right mix of assistance your presentation needs to succeed:

Professional Polish

This is for when you know how you want to display your information, but your results look rough and inconsistent. We use our PowerPoint presentation design skills to format your existing business PowerPoint presentations’ content so your slides follow brand guidelines and look like they belong together. The result is a professional looking presentation that feels consistent and keeps your audience focused on your message.

Visual Enhancement

This is a stronger rework of your content, for cases where you know what to say but aren’t sure the best way to display. Here eSlide’s PowerPoint presentation design specialists help visually organize your content, so your audience can easily see correlations and identify main points you need them to remember. We might turn data tables into charts, create icons for unique topics, or reorder information on slides. The result is an optimized presentation that clearly conveys your important messages, so your audience can remember and act on them.

Design Consulting

This is for situations where your presentation needs help on many levels. Maybe you need to modify your brand template for a special conference or event. Perhaps you have a complex concept that needs to become an easy-to-present infographic. Or maybe you know the content of your speech, but aren’t sure which parts need to become slides and which don’t. By teaming your subject-matter expertise with our PowerPoint presentation design skills, we transform your key content into an effective presentation that gets noticed and gets results.

Within any presentation project, clients typically need a combination of services, and that’s no problem. Talk to us today to learn what your presentation needs to deliver great results!

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