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One-of-a-Kind PowerPoint Design Training

eSlide’s PowerPoint Design Training seminars are different than anything you’ve seen before. Standard training programs simply explain how PowerPoint functions. eSlide PowerPoint training shows you how to design more effective slides, so you can make better presentations faster than ever before.

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Group of business people applauding at presentation in office buildingIf your goal is to learn how to design professional-level PowerPoint presentations that motivate, inspire and educate your audience, our PowerPoint design training seminar is just what you need. Our expert instructors take you far beyond the basic 101 level of information you’d learn from a typical “PowerPoint for Dummies” seminar. Instead eSlide’s PowerPoint design training seminar teaches you proven real-world PowerPoint slide design rules, formatting techniques and other design strategies that we have used to build successful PowerPoint presentations for thousands of organizations, large and small.

The Benefits of eSlide PowerPoint Design Training Seminars

Our expert PowerPoint trainers teach you the skills to take your do-it-yourself slides to the next level of professionalism. You’ll learn:

PowerPoint Design Principles

Learn the PowerPoint slide design principles that will make your slides more professional-looking.

Presentation Design Techniques

PowerPoint design techniques that help you create clear, organized PowerPoint slides that connect with your audience and get the results you desire.


You’ll have online access to video modules for on-demand viewing of a wide selection of common PowerPoint slide design topics.

PowerPoint Design Training from eSlide Professionals

eSlide’s PowerPoint Presentation Designers can conduct PowerPoint training sessions in person, or online for your convenience. You can join a regularly-scheduled open session, or we can arrange a private session for your organization. eSlide’s PowerPoint training is ideal for either large or small groups and can be held in a variety of settings: online webinar, onsite at your location or at our Manhattan headquarters. Choose from these session options:

Top 10 PowerPoint Tips

Our 1-hour Top 10 Tips training session goes beyond basic “How to Use PowerPoint”. We share shortcuts, formatting techniques and strategies for success used every day by our staff of PowerPoint Design Specialists. Our training empowers you to use PowerPoint more quickly and more easily than ever before. LEARN MORE.

S.E.E. Secrets of Slide Designworking-with-eslide4

Our 1-hour S.E.E. Design Training is the only course of its kind. There are many training programs that try to explain the software, but do nothing to help you design effective slides. eSlide S.E.E. training explains the design principles developed by our staff of PowerPoint Design Specialists, and used every day for our high-profile clients. We give you the secrets to making slides that are easier to understand, and more effective to present. LEARN MORE.

Or Take Both!

Combine both sessions for a robust ½ day of training that can be customized for your team. Call us at 866-237-5433 or Contact Us for more info.

A leading PowerPoint design agency, eSlide has created over 16,000 professional PowerPoint presentations for clients in a broad spectrum of industries. When our clients need the very best PowerPoint presentation designs for high-stakes meetings, they call eSlide. All of our senior designers have over 10 years’ experience specializing in PowerPoint presentation design. Even better, they’ve worked together as a close-knit team for over 10 years. Their history helps them collaborate seamlessly with quick, efficient and unmatched accuracy. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, mid-size businesses, small firms and entrepreneurs.

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We were all extremely happy with the outcome of the presentation deck, which without eSlide’s help would have been a disaster!

These slides are fantastic!  You have really captured the essence of the data and I will easily be able to speak from the slides you have created.

Quick turnaround. Responsiveness. Minimal direction required. Exceeding expectations. You guys know what’s needed and just get it done, fast.

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Whether you need one critical slide, a template redesign, a complete transformation or any combination of these, we can help. We start with a collaborative assessment of your project, and decide the right mix of assistance your presentation needs to succeed:

Professional Polish

This is for when you know how you want to display your information, but your results look rough and inconsistent. We use our PowerPoint presentation design skills to format your existing PowerPoint content so your slides follow brand guidelines and look like they belong together. The result is a professional looking presentation that feels consistent and keeps your audience focused on your message.

Visual Enhancement

This is a stronger rework of your content, for cases where you know what to say but aren’t sure the best way to display. Here eSlide’s PowerPoint presentation design specialists help visually organize your content, so your audience can easily see correlations and identify main points you need them to remember. We might turn data tables into charts, create icons for unique topics, or reorder information on slides. The result is an optimized presentation that clearly conveys your important messages, so your audience can remember and act on them.

Design Consulting

This is for situations where your presentation needs help on many levels. Maybe you need to modify your brand template for a special conference or event. Perhaps you have a complex concept that needs to become an easy-to-present infographic. Or maybe you know the content of your speech, but aren’t sure which parts need to become slides and which don’t. By teaming your subject-matter expertise with our PowerPoint presentation design skills, we transform your key content into an effective presentation that gets noticed and gets results.

Within any presentation project, clients typically need a combination of the above services, and that’s no problem. We create tailor-made solutions that allow you to deliver your content in the clearest, most powerful way possible.

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Over the course of creating thousands of presentations, eSlide’s PowerPoint presentation design services have earned the praise of countless satisfied clients.

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