Mastering Slide Design Principles

Have you ever sat through a presentation where the slides were so cluttered or confusing you zoned out?  We’ve all been there. But what makes a professional slide deck different? In this video, Alan, a partner at eSlide, a company specializing in presentation design, breaks down the key principles that separate good slides from great ones.

According to Alan, it’s not one big difference, but rather a combination of “little things” that come together to create a polished and impactful presentation.  He introduces a framework he calls the “SEE Design Principles”:

  • Structure: This refers to the logical organization of information on your slides. Ask yourself: Is the information flowing in a clear and easy-to-follow way? Is there a hierarchy to the content, guiding the audience’s eye?
  • Economy: Don’t overwhelm your audience! Focus on including only the most essential information needed to communicate your points. Bullet points are your friend, but keep them concise and avoid text overload.
  • Emphasis: Every slide should have a clear takeaway, a single key message you want your audience to remember. Use visuals and design elements to highlight this main point and ensure it stands out.

By following these SEE Design Principles, you can transform your presentations from amateur hour to audience-winning.  eSlide can help you with this process, offering a range of services from template design to complete presentation creation.

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