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“To The Point” Newsletter Archive

View past issues of our newsletter to see the full series of eSlide Extreme Makeovers, presentation tips, and articles from our presentation experts.

eSlide Time Guide

View or download our time guide document, which helps you estimate the amount of production time your project might require. Use this with our hourly rate card to approximate the potential costs of a given project. Of course we are always happy to provide specific estimates if you contact us directly.

Top 10 PowerPoint Tips:

Our 1-hour Top 10 Tips training session goes beyond basic “How to Use PowerPoint”. We share true PowerPoint shortcuts, formatting techniques and strategies for success used every day by our staff of PowerPoint Design Specialists. Our training empowers you to use PowerPoint more quickly and more easily than ever before. Learn more or contact our training group to register for our next session.

S.E.E. Secrets of Slide Design

Our 1.5-hour S.E.E. Design Training is the only course of its kind. There are many training programs that try to explain “how to use PowerPoint”, but do nothing to help you design effective slides. eSlide S.E.E. training explains the design principles and rules developed by our staff of PowerPoint Design Specialists, and used every day for our high-profile clients. We give you the secrets to making slides that are easier to understand, and more effective to present. Learn more or contact our training group to register for our next session.

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