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Since 2002, eSlide’s professional PowerPoint presentation designers have been dedicated to creating, energizing and revitalizing PowerPoint presentations for companies around the world. With clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations and mid-size companies to promising startups and entrepreneurs, eSlide’s design team offers personalized service, attention to detail and a commitment to producing impactful, memorable PowerPoint presentations that deliver measurable results.

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How Our PowerPoint Presentation Designers Can Help You

If you’re struggling to create clear, cohesive, and compelling professional presentations, you need our help. The presentations created by our experienced PowerPoint presentation designers are intended to motivate your audience to engage with your message and take action.

Here at eSlide, our PowerPoint presentation designers have all the knowledge, tools, and experience necessary to create stunning presentations fit for any type of corporate meeting. You have enough to deal with while preparing for a big meeting. Let us tackle your PowerPoint slides for you. Still not convinced our PowerPoint presentation designers are the solution?

Eliminating the Stress of Creating a Presentation

Developing a PowerPoint presentation for an important event can come with a lot of stress. If you don’t need that kind of pressure in your professional life, there’s a solution. By engaging eSlide’s team of professional PowerPoint presentation designers, you can decrease your stress and increase your potential for success. You can trust our experience and expertise to bring your information to life so you can focus on creating content and attend to the numerous other details that accompany a high-stakes meeting. Your job-specific skills are necessary to prepare other aspects of your meeting, so let our PowerPoint presentation designers take care of your presentation slides for you.

Slides That Effectively Communicate and Connect with Your Audience

Companies rarely have an in-house team that has the communication and design skills required to create effective PowerPoint slides at the speed they’re needed. With eSlide, you have talented PowerPoint presentation designers at your service who know exactly what it takes to create slides that truly communicate and connect with your target audience so your presentations get great results!

If you’re worried about how to design certain slides in your presentation, our team of PowerPoint presentation designers has you covered. We want to help you engage with your target audience, so we’ll find the perfect way to get the most important information into your presentation in a way that creates the greatest impact.

Trust Our Experienced Team of PowerPoint Presentation Designers

We’re proud to have some of the most skilled and experienced PowerPoint presentation designers in the industry. All of our designers have over 10 years of experience focusing on PowerPoint presentation design. More importantly, they’ve worked together as a team for years which enables them to collaborate seamlessly on your important presentations. Collaboration is a key element that allows our PowerPoint presentation designers to create beautiful and engaging presentations for our customers.

Because of our specialization, eSlide has developed unique best practices and management tools that allow us to handle presentation projects efficiently and with unmatched accuracy. With eSlide, you can be confident you will receive an exceptional PowerPoint presentation every time you choose to work with us.



Production Hours in One eSlide Day

We’re here 12 hours per business day, but thanks to our speed, efficiency, and the size of our dedicated team, we can fit 125 hours of slide-designing power into one 12-hour business day for our customers. So if you’re short on time, call us. We have some to spare!

eslide powerpoint consulting

Whether you need one critical slide, a template redesign, or a complete transformation, our team of PowerPoint presentation designers can help. We start with a collaborative assessment of your project, and decide the right mix of assistance your presentation needs to succeed:

Professional Polish

When you know how you want to display your information, but your results look rough and inconsistent, it’s a sure sign that you need help from our PowerPoint presentation designers. We use our PowerPoint presentation design skills to reformat your existing PowerPoint content in a cohesive and stylish manner that’s also in accordance with your brand guidelines. The result is a professional-looking presentation that feels consistent and keeps your audience focused on your message.

Visual Enhancement

In cases where you know what to say but aren’t sure how best to display your message, our team of PowerPoint Presentation designers can help. For these more intense presentation projects, eSlide’s PowerPoint presentation design specialists help visually organize your content so your audience can easily see correlations and identify key points that you need them to remember. We might turn data tables into charts, create icons for unique topics, or reorder information on slides. The result is an optimized presentation that clearly conveys your important messages so your audience can act on them.

Design Consulting

In situations where your presentation needs help on many levels, our team of PowerPoint presentation designers is here to pull out all the stops. Maybe you need to modify your brand template for a special conference or event. Perhaps you have a complex concept that needs to become an easy-to-present infographic. Or maybe you know the content of your speech, but aren’t sure which parts need to become slides and which don’t. By teaming your subject-matter expertise with our PowerPoint presentation design skills, we can help you transform your key content into an effective presentation that gets noticed and gets results.

Within any presentation project, clients typically need a combination of PowerPoint presentation design services, and that’s no problem. Talk to us today to learn how our team of PowerPoint presentation designers can help your presentation deliver great results!

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We are very pleased with our new template and the project of converting existing slides over to the new template definitely exceeded our expectations. In addition, projects were always completed ahead of time which was great!

You are the BEST!!!! Thank you so much for the excellent work you did on our project. You can be sure your name will get around out here in Texas!

Minimal input on my part and excellent finished product. They delivered exactly what I asked for and needed.

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illustration of a target struck in the center by an arrow.eSlide knows how important and time-sensitive presentations are, so we’ve developed special processes and tracking systems to ensure projects run quickly and easily. We’ve collaborated on more than 15,000 PowerPoint presentation design projects and never missed a deadline.

By Planning Upfront

illustration of a clipboard with checklistWe begin projects by discussing the parameters, deadlines and desired results with you. This allows us to provide estimates and project outlines as necessary, so you know what to expect and can make informed decisions about your projects.

By Being Great Teammates

illustration of a handshakeWe’re set up to assist you smoothly, so it doesn’t feel like you’re working with outsiders. Our experienced presentation designers work as an extension of your in-house team and communicate with you directly, so you know your project is in good hands.

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