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When you have a high-stakes meeting or event, timelines are tight, pressure is high, and reputations are on the line. You need a game-changing presentation that will ensure you get the results you want. eSlide has the skills and experience to help.

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We Love PowerPoint

PowerPoint is all we do!

eSlide is a unique graphic design company because we love PowerPoint. In fact, presentation design and enhancement is all we do. We focus on PowerPoint presentation design, so you can focus on your content and meeting preparation.

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We specialize in developing high-impact presentations that get results. With 20+ years of PowerPoint design expertise, we have become the “go-to” resource for many top executives at Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Win your audience.

We partner with you to adapt your critical messages into informative visuals, custom infographics, and professional looking slides all wrapped in a consistent design theme. The result is a compelling, persuasive presentation that grabs audience attention, stands out from the crowd and conveys your message in an impactful, effective way.

Deadlines Missed

At eSlide, we often finish a project before other companies deliver a proposal. We know how to meet your deadline, and make it a point to make sure you are ready.

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Whether you need one critical slide, a template redesign, a complete transformation or any combination of these, we can help. We start with a collaborative assessment of your project, and decide the right mix of assistance your presentation needs to succeed:

Professional Polish

This is for when you know how you want to display your information, but your results look rough and inconsistent. We use our PowerPoint presentation design skills to format your existing PowerPoint content so your slides follow brand guidelines and look like they belong together. The result is a professional looking presentation that feels consistent and keeps your audience focused on your message.

Visual Enhancement

This is a stronger rework of your content, for cases where you know what to say but aren’t sure the best way to display. Here eSlide’s PowerPoint presentation design specialists help visually organize your content, so your audience can easily see correlations and identify main points you need them to remember. We might turn data tables into charts, create icons for unique topics, or reorder information on slides. The result is an optimized presentation that clearly conveys your important messages, so your audience can remember and act on them.

Design Consulting

This is for situations where your presentation needs help on many levels. Maybe you need to modify your brand template for a special conference or event. Perhaps you have a complex concept that needs to become an easy-to-present infographic. Or maybe you know the content of your speech, but aren’t sure which parts need to become slides and which don’t. By teaming your subject-matter expertise with our PowerPoint presentation design skills, we transform your key content into an effective presentation that gets noticed and gets results.

Within any presentation project, clients typically need a combination of services, and that’s no problem. Talk to us today to learn what your presentation needs to deliver great results!

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These slides are fantastic!  You have really captured the essence of the data and I will easily be able to speak from the slides you have created.

eSlide was easy to work with, understood the technical and business aspects of the presentation, and developed an impactful deck that our company uses as a base for many different presentations we are asked to make.

All you need to do is start with a design of your story, send a file to their email and they will assign a person to work with you. eSlide will make your story come to life in the most creative way. It doesn’t matter who they assign to your job, the entire eSlide team is great.

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We Turn Presentation Chaos Into Calm

By Meeting Deadlines

illustration of a target struck in the center by an arrow.We know how important and time-sensitive presentations are, so we have created special processes and tracking systems to ensure projects run quickly and easily. We’ve collaborated on more than 15,000 PowerPoint presentation design projects and never missed a deadline.

By Planning Upfront

illustration of a clipboard with checklistWe begin projects by discussing the parameters, deadlines and desired results with you. This allows us to provide estimates and project outlines as necessary, so you know what to expect and can make informed decisions about your projects.

By Being Great Teammates

illustration of a handshakeWe’re set up to assist you smoothly, so it doesn’t feel like you’re working with outsiders. Our experienced presentation designers work as an extension of your in-house team and communicate with you directly, so you know your project is in good hands.


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