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We have built a successful business that is focused on bringing life to our client’s ideas through exceptional presentation design, intelligent problem-solving and a commitment to excellent customer service. The secret to our success is the great team we have brought together, and we’re always looking for new designers and managers to help us keep pace with the growing demand for our services.

We Take Things Like This


... And We Do This


... So We Can Deliver This


We Offer Our Employees Lots of Great Things

Full-time work from home position (no commuting, no expensive lunches, live where you wish).

Excellent compensation including performance bonuses (we work hard and pay hard).

Full benefits (PTO, health, 401K).

A great team to work with (talented, smart, dedicated people).

A chance to help some of the most interesting clients and companies in the world.

And We Ask for Great Things in Return

We focus exclusively on presentation design; you must be passionate about creating great slides and pushing the limits of PowerPoint.

Presentation work comes with rapid deadlines, so you need to be able to work quickly and still deliver great design.

You need to be comfortable working directly with clients, diagnosing their needs and recommending intelligent solutions.

You must be willing to put clients first; there are times that we go above and beyond to make sure our clients get what they need.

You must be comfortable as both a leader and a follower; sometimes you’ll act as project leader; sometimes you’ll need to support teammates as they fill that role.

Currently We Have the Following Positions Open

Senior Presentation Designer (Day)
This position is for the 12pm – 8pm shift (Eastern), Monday-Friday with some flexibility. Training/testing period may vary.

Senior Presentation Designer (Night)
This position is for the 2pm – 10pm shift (Eastern), Monday-Friday with some flexibility. Training/testing period will be earlier.

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