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The client had done an excellent job of distilling their data into a logical story flow, but their slides were not connecting with their target audience. They needed help turning their charts and tables into visuals that would convey the information but also capture audience attention and facilitate understanding – so prospects could see the value of the opportunity being offered. They wanted to use a proprietary content management system to publish the slides as a self-running on-demand sales piece, but were encountering technical difficulties.


The eSlide team worked iteratively with the clients to visualize the information in an appropriate and compelling way. eSlide was familiar with the CMS being used and were able to push its capabilities to the limit. By using strong visuals, infographic style displays and PowerPoint’s own animation features, we developed a piece that played like a movie.


Because eSlide specializes in presentation design and technology, we already knew how to get the most out of the delivery system. The client was able to offload their technical and design concerns to us, and focus on refining content and working with their compliance team to get approvals. eSlide quickly helped them transform their content from dry data into an engaging animated story. Sales teams were thrilled to share the piece, and tracking results indicate that this is setting a new standard for marketing ROI.

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eSlide was easy to work with, understood the technical and business aspects of the presentation, and developed an impactful deck that our company uses as a base for many different presentations we are asked to make.

You are the BEST!!!! Thank you so much for the excellent work you did on our project. You can be sure your name will get around out here in Texas!

Minimal input on my part and excellent finished product. They delivered exactly what I asked for and needed.

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