Technology Investor Day Presentation


Multiple drafts of content were circulating among different high-level presenters. They were having difficulty coordinating with each other because the content was always in flux. The internal support teams were doing all they could to keep content up to date, and had no time left to enhance the visuals.


eSlide was built to handle just this type of situation. Thanks to our proprietary project management systems and highly skilled team of presentation experts, eSlide was able to organize the development process. Presenters were able to focus on creating quality content without stressing over project management details, while eSlide used our talent to upgrade the presentation template and develop impactful visuals for the key messages.


By calling in eSlide’s team of presentation experts, the client was able to gain control of a difficult presentation situation. Within hours, they shifted from being overwhelmed to again being in control of their event. Suddenly they were able to provide their C-level presenters with more responsive service, and design options rather than struggling to simply keep pace with the influx of edits. This created the “breathing room” necessary for the presenters to fine tune their content, and really tell the value story behind their offering. This turned a high-pressure situation into a successful meeting event, which ultimately helped drive share price upwards.

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The eSlide team was able to comprehend the needs of our team and translate the information into an understandable, efficient graphical representation. They’re a wonderful resource!

You are the BEST!!!! Thank you so much for the excellent work you did on our project. You can be sure your name will get around out here in Texas!

Quality slides, quick turnaround. You “get it”.

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