Internet Marketing Promotional Piece


Our client had collected a list of impressive facts regarding the reach and importance of social media in modern corporate communications. The data was insightful, but their presentation wasn’t performing. They came to us hoping we could find a way to bring their data to life, and create something exciting and “share-worthy” amongst their growing customer base.


After a brief diagnostic session with the author, the eSlide team was able to invent a creative theme and produce storyboards to map out the look and flow of the piece. These visualizations were used to get client approvals and buy-in for full production, with full confidence.


Using our expertise in PowerPoint animation, we were able to create a high-impact infographic-style video without the downtime, disruption and overhead of a typical video shoot. The finished piece remains one of their best performers, with over 100x the views of more traditional media. And because it was created within PowerPoint, key slides are easy to update, and reusable as needed for other presentation opportunities. See the full piece here.

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The eSlide team was able to comprehend the needs of our team and translate the information into an understandable, efficient graphical representation. They’re a wonderful resource!

Every person I communicated with was listening well, responsible and just plain nice. The quality of the slides is great. Your turn-around time for revisions surpassed my expectations.

We are very pleased with our new template and the project of converting existing slides over to the new template definitely exceeded our expectations. In addition, projects were always completed ahead of time which was great!

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