Global Energy Shareholder Meeting


Client teams had input their content using their old corporate PowerPoint template, which was dated-looking and difficult to use. The new CEO and Marketing VPs were not happy, because the presentations were dry and text heavy. The content developers were not happy because the slides made their hard work and impressive results look dull and unimportant.


eSlide was able to quickly identify a new design style that captured the excitement the clients wanted to express, pleased all of the key decision-makers, and was easy to use. From that new foundation we worked iteratively with content teams to transform their content from dry text and data sheets into infographic-style treatments that helped their value story and important achievements shine through.


By using online screenshares and other collaborative tools, eSlide was able to easily bring all C-level decision-makers together so we could get consensus on their likes and dislikes. Our meeting communications expertise allowed us to guide the clients towards a template design and presentation style pleasing to everyone. Our production speed allowed us to keep pace with the content developers, so that they could see their content come to life and feel confident that their slides were all that they could be. Ultimately the Shareholder Meeting was more exciting, successful and much less stressful than previous years.

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We were all extremely happy with the outcome of the presentation deck, which without eSlide’s help would have been a disaster!

We are very pleased with our new template and the project of converting existing slides over to the new template definitely exceeded our expectations. In addition, projects were always completed ahead of time which was great!

Minimal input on my part and excellent finished product. They delivered exactly what I asked for and needed.

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