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The client had worked with their support agencies to develop rough content, but were unable to bring it all together into a smooth-flowing story punctuated with strong visuals. They needed guidance around what could be achieved within PowerPoint, and help making sure their slides were strong enough to hold audience attention even in a virtual setting.


eSlide organized an online screen-share and conference call to review the work-in-progress content. We worked with the C-level client team to refine and focus their content; guiding them on what could be turned into visuals vs what should be delivered via voice-over.


eSlide was able to help the clients find a comfortable balance between visual and verbal delivery for their content. The result was an engaging presentation where both the slides and the speaker were able to shine and add value to the virtual meeting – i.e. both components of the presentation were equally meaningful. This helped to keep audience attention focused on the meeting, which helped our client win new business opportunities, without even being in the room.

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Minimal input on my part and excellent finished product. They delivered exactly what I asked for and needed.

Quality slides, quick turnaround. You “get it”.

We were all extremely happy with the outcome of the presentation deck, which without eSlide’s help would have been a disaster!

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