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How eSlide Removes Presentation Stress for Busy Professionals
Quick Turnaround Times
We're literally built for speed. Our infrastructure was created specifically for the deadline-driven world of presentation design. Our unique processes allow us to work faster than you’d think possible. We often finish projects before other companies can provide an estimate.
White Glove Service
You'll feel like our only client. We’re there when you need us, and when you call you talk right with a manager who can help - no recordings, no receptionists. And thanks to our proprietary project management systems you’re never left waiting for a "dedicated rep".
Solution-Focused Approach
We don’t give push-back, or tell you what can't be done - we give you options for what can. We’re an instant part of your team, and focused on providing assistance. You just tell us what you need, and we find a way to get you there - on time and on budget.
Unmatched Slide Design
We put the Power in PowerPoint. We quickly diagnose your content and find ways to make it clearer and more impactful. Because we specialize in slide design, we know what works and what doesn't - so your message is easier to explain, and your presentation gets results.
Dream-Team Staff
We have the best PowerPoint Designers in the industry. Our staff has worked as a close team for 10+ years, and brings a wealth of expertise to eSlide. We've seen every type of presentation project and every scenario. So we know what to do and help you keep your cool.
Unbeatable Track Record
We've completed 11,000+ successful presentation projects. We have thousands of clients who trust us with their critical content for their highest-stakes meetings. We've handled presentations for mergers, board meetings, and IPOs with great results every time.
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Since 2002 eSlide, the industry's premier PowerPoint presentation design firm, has energized and revitalized over 11,000 PowerPoint presentations for high-stakes meetings around the world. Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations and mid-size businesses to small companies and entrepreneurs. Each of our clients, regardless of size, receives our dedicated white glove service, attention to detail and passionate commitment to producing top-quality PowerPoint presentation designs that generate high-impact results.

Over the years, our clients have told us that eSlide's PowerPoint Presentation Design services solve one of their most nagging problems:

  • PowerPoint Presentation Design Stress – When managers and executives are charged with developing an important high-stakes PowerPoint presentation design, they experience high levels of stress. They know their presentation can be a defining, even game-changing, moment for their organization and career…if done correctly. Their stress about developing a PowerPoint presentation comes from two main sources:
    • They don't have time to design slides – Presentations are additional to the primary responsibilities of their position. When they find time to work on presentations, they need to focus on creating content, gathering data and structuring their story. There aren't enough hours in the day to meet those demands AND create slides.
    • They're not PowerPoint design experts – It's almost impossible to become a skilled PowerPoint designer in your spare time. And teaching yourself when you're faced with a fast-approaching deadline is a high-pressure nightmare.

So what would YOU do? You could hire a PowerPoint freelancer, but that will require time-consuming meetings to bring the freelancer up to speed about the presentation and the purpose of each slide. Or you might hire a low-budget PowerPoint design firm and end up getting inferior presentation slides that don't make a positive impact or get the desired results.

We have a better idea. You can hire eSlide, a premier PowerPoint design firm with more experience and know-how than other design firms combined. All of our senior designers have over 10 years’ experience specializing in PowerPoint presentation design. Even better, they've worked together as a close-knit team for over 10 years. Their history helps them collaborate seamlessly with quick, efficient and unmatched accuracy. That's how eSlide develops exceptional PowerPoint presentation designs for our clients every time.

How eSlide Eliminates Your Stress

  • Proprietary systems, processes and organization tools – Over the years, we've developed unique "best practices" and project management tools that are custom-built to handle presentation projects. Our unique procedures allow us to smoothly handle:
    • Fast turnarounds
    • Version-control issues
    • Consistency challenges
  • Completely remove the burden of developing your PowerPoint presentation – We have such extensive experience specifically in creating presentations that we simply take your presentation responsibilities and make them our own.
  • We involve you appropriately – We don't need hand-holding. And we don't waste your time with unnecessary questions.
  • We add valuable ideas and input to the presentation – For instance, we might show you two versions of the same slide for your review. All you have to do is keep the one you like and delete the other one. Simple changes like that and your presentation is ready to use.
  • Your "Fire and Forget" solution – Clients who are used to working with us simply shoot us an email with their slides and say “Fix this for me!” They know we'll take care of it promptly and contact them if we have any questions.
  • We capture the perfect balance of words and graphics – eSlide drives home your critical message as clear as a bell so that your audience not only hears your message, but sees it, understands it and takes action.

With over 11,000 PowerPoint presentation design projects under our belts, our PowerPoint designers have created a broad spectrum of PowerPoint presentations for high-stakes meetings and conferences. Some are targeted at the board of directors or the company's newest employees. Others introduce new products or services. Whether the need for professional PowerPoint design comes from human resources, finance, marketing, sales or manufacturing, our unique team of PowerPoint designers is uniquely qualified to remove the anxiety of developing a presentation and help you succeed.

Custom PowerPoint Design Guaranteed to Impress

Custom PowerPoint Design is eSlide's most comprehensive level of design services for professional PowerPoint presentations. As the premier PowerPoint presentation design firm in the industry, eSlide has created over 11,000 presentations for clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to entrepreneurs.

Over the years, our clients have admitted to us that being put in charge of developing a custom PowerPoint presentation creates a high degree of stress. They usually are so busy they just don't have time to do it, and they really don't know how to develop a professional-looking PowerPoint presentation design even if they had the time.

Their fears are understandable. We know from experience that it takes a lot of practice to create a custom PowerPoint design that will impress the important people both inside and outside of your organization and get the desired results. So relax, and feel the stress leaving your body. Let eSlide remove your PowerPoint stress – so you can focus on your job.

With all of our senior designers having over 10 years experience specializing in PowerPoint presentation design and 10 years of working together as a PowerPoint presentation design team, our designers have the skills and talent to create a completely custom PowerPoint design for you without needing very much of your time. Our PowerPoint design team collaborates closely with you on all aspects of your new presentation. We begin by digging deep to understand your core message. Then we translate it with professional custom graphics, compelling visuals and a consistent design theme. The result is a persuasive, branded professional presentation that showcases your message, communicates effortlessly and creates a compelling experience for your audience.

Choose from three levels of PowerPoint Presentation Design Services

Transform your current PowerPoint presentation into a powerful communication tool with eSlide’s comprehensive PowerPoint design services:

  • Custom Presentation Design – Is it time to throw out your current PowerPoint presentation design and start from scratch? The PowerPoint designers at eSlide are ready to transform your high-stakes presentation into a high-visibility success. Learn more about our Custom Presentation Design service.

Contact the Professional PowerPoint Presentation consultants at eSlide today for a Free PowerPoint Consulting Session! Call us at 866.2.eSlide (866.237.5433) or email us and we'll diagnose exactly what your presentation needs to be more professional and successful.