Save Time and Stress with a PowerPoint Formatting Spring Clean

Springtime is a good time to get organized, sweep out the cobwebs and throw away some of the clutter that piles up during the cold winter months. And this is not only true of your condo and your car. It also applies to your PowerPoint formatting.

Think about that presentation you’ve got on the not-too-distant, getting-nearer-by-the-day horizon.

You’ve probably got a solid first draft, right? You’re feeling ok about it, but you’ve got that nagging feeling that it’s not quite up to scratch.

It doesn’t need a complete overhaul or dramatic redesign, just some sprucing up. It needs something that will let you and your team stand up in front of the big decision makers with pride rather than an urge to hide.

What you need is an expert Spring clean – something that will take your PowerPoint formatting from dishevelled and disorganized to polished and professional.

Sound good? But you don’t have time for a lot of back-and-forth with a bunch of PowerPoint designers, right?

You want someone who can look under the hood of your PowerPoint formatting, see what needs to be done and know how to fix it – without a lot of hassle.

We started eSlide with a desire to make life easier for our clients. After all, you’ve got enough to worry about and we don’t want you losing sleep over stray bullet points, mis-matched colors, or cut-and-paste clip art.

Here’s some PowerPoint formatting assistance we can bring to your next presentation project:

  • Develop consistent template styles that follow your brand
  • Apply those consistently to all of your content
  • Add light-touch visual enhancements that help your presenters’ messages shine
  • Identify and eliminate discrepancies between different sections of slides
  • Combine sections of slides into a single file, ready for the stage

To make your life even easier, we can give you a ready-to-use template you can send to your authors before they begin development. This means your presenters aren’t waiting weeks to see new drafts of their decks, so your process flows smoothly from development to dress rehearsals. And that means everyone feels better prepared, more confident, and ready for a successful meeting.

And because we understand that your time is precious, we offer fast turnarounds. In fact, our team-based model of development allows us to do days of work in just hours.

We made a conscious choice to design our business so that it delivers your PowerPoint formatting and design in a seamless, consistent, reliable way. So the next time you need some PowerPoint formatting help, let us worry about the dirty work so that you can spend time on more important things – like making sure your messaging is as good as can be (or cleaning that condo). Just in time for Spring!

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