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business powerpoint basketball

We turn to the basketball court this month as it’s March Madness time again. So whether you’re a fan of Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Syracuse or UCLA, or you’ve got your eye on one of the teams slated to be the NCAA Tournament’s 2016 Cinderella Story (Valparaiso, Evansville or Belmont anyone?), you’ll know that no player performs in isolation.

The best teams draw on the strengths of all of their players, a lot like the components of the best PowerPoint presentations. So when you are tasked with bringing large amounts of data to life, eg, the results of a 64-team tournament (68 if you’re counting the two ‘play-in’ games), the best way to ensure a big win is with a PowerPoint presentation that pools the talents of all its players.

The Center

On the basketball court, the center position is considered one of – if not the – most important player. This player is also known as the ‘pivot’. PowerPoint designers know that in a presentation, the template plays the center position. It acts as your presentation’s backbone, around which all of the other components depend and revolve. Having a strong template to rely on is key for a winning PowerPoint presentation.

The Shooting Guard

The shooting guard is also referred to as a ‘wing’ because of this player’s role in positioning the ball on the court. Next to the center, the shooting guard is usually the best player on the team. Professional PowerPoint designers know that this position is played by the visuals in a presentation which is why using clip art is like recruiting an 8th grader for a Division 1 game.

A winning presentation needs impactful visuals that grab an audience’s attention, quickly and easily get a point across, and move people to action. Professional PowerPoint designers know that impressive infographics, charts, images and more will ensure a high-scoring presentation.

The Power Forward

Next up on the team is your power forward, often the team’s most versatile scorer. In a PowerPoint presentation, this position is played by your multimedia components. Whether its video, audio or animation, these are the pieces that make your presentation really stand out from the crowd. And professional PowerPoint designers understand how to create and use the kind of impressive multimedia that will make your audience stand up and do the Mexican wave.

The Small Forward

The small forward does a little bit of everything on the basketball court so PowerPoint designers liken this position to your presentation’s text. The words you choose to use in a PowerPoint presentation have many roles to play including everything from headlines to chart titles to infographics. This is why it’s important that you use the right words in the right way, applying font, style and colour to reinforce your message appropriately.

The Point Guard

Point guards are considered to be the coach on the court. In a presentation, this player is you, the presenter. Like the point guard, the presenter must be able to assess the mood and temperature on the floor in real time so that quick decisions can be made about how to play the audience. With a stellar presentation backing you up, your position becomes easy to play and you may even end up being voted MVP!

Rather than experiencing a big upset this year, make sure all of your PowerPoint presentation players are working together in the most effective way possible. To be sure, enlist the help of the game-ready PowerPoint designers at eSlide.

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