PowerPoint: The Right Business Tool for Online Meetings

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The unprecedented situation created by COVID-19 has pushed fast forward on the work from home (WFH) trend. Before COVID, 3.4% of the workforce worked remotely according to Global Workplace Analytics, a work trends research consultancy. By 2021, they estimate that 25% to 30% will continue to do so at least some of the time.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently gave his employees the option of continuing to WFH post-pandemic. More companies will follow as the expense of office space is called into question as employees show that they can be as – if not more – productive when working remotely.

Since 1987, PowerPoint has been the communication tool professionals rely on to disseminate ideas in a visual format. In this new normal, PowerPoint continues to be as relevant and useful as it’s always been.

Here’s why the experts at eSlide think the future is bright for PowerPoint presentation design and how it will enable businesses to thrive through these difficult times and beyond.

PowerPoint performs well with video conferencing software

Since the WFH orders began, virtual meetings have become an essential part of our daily work lives. Finding the right tools to make video conferencing easy and effective has required some quick experimentation for many companies.

But the one constant has been PowerPoint. Because it works seamlessly with a wide range of video conferencing software, it’s allowed businesses to continue to successfully communicate with clients, colleagues and other audiences regardless of where they are physically located.

Virtual meetings are crying out for inspirational content

In this new work reality, mental exhaustion from an overload of screen time is not uncommon. To help keep things fresh, professional PowerPoint presentation design will be key to communicating information that gets remembered and acted upon.

PowerPoint allows presenters to inject something new and attention-grabbing into days filled with virtual meetings. The software comes equipped with design tools to create innovative, effective presentations using a wide range of mediums including video, audio, graphics and images.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo provides a good example in his daily coronavirus press briefings. His PowerPoint presentation design conveys serious messages in a clear, concise way – helping to attract the attention of more than 4.7 million people over a six-day period in March. (Through Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and a livestream feed on the state’s website.)

Cuomo’s straightforward slide decks are the perfect accompaniment to his leadership style. Take note: clean, simple design is often the most effective.

Competition for attention is hotter than ever

The digital content glut continues to grow as we move more aspects of our lives online due to the coronavirus crisis. But this trend was already on the rise because of demographic shifts in the population.

According to the Pew Research Center, Generation Y, or Millennials, now outnumber all other generations. Born between 1981 and 1996, this is the generation that leads the pack when it comes to living on their digital devices, always on the lookout for new ways to create and consume content.

According to the 2019 Adobe Brand Content Survey, Millennials spend 10.9 hours per day engaging with digital content. And more than 25% of Millennials use three or more digital devices at once.

PowerPoint is a powerful design tool that enables professionals to deliver innovative content that gets noticed. And if your design skills aren’t up to the challenge, you can always get help from the experts.

The future is bright for PowerPoint presentation design

Business publications often predict the end of PowerPoint. It’s a forecast eSlide has heard many times before and we’re confident in our continued appraisal that PowerPoint is here to stay. Indeed, we believe the software will remain an important business tool for critical corporate meeting communications.

The rapid expansion of remote working will only continue this trend. Indeed, the future is bright for PowerPoint presentation design. It will continue to do the job it was made for – enabling businesses to communicate key ideas effectively and memorably.

At eSlide, we’re grateful to be able to help businesses communicate successfully during these challenging times and beyond. If you’re ready to take your PowerPoint presentation design to the next level, get in touch with us for a free consultation with one of our design experts.

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