PowerPoint Presentations with Video Bring Life to a Meeting

How PowerPoint Presentations with Video Bring Life to a Meeting
PowerPoint Presentations with video are changing the way executives present in high-stakes meetings. Incorporating video into an online presentation was once something only those with advanced PowerPoint skills could achieve. Thanks to PowerPoint 2010, video can now easily be added to a presentation to make it more interactive and engaging. PowerPoint presentations with video are quickly becoming a primary tool for any business that wants to bring more life to a presentation.

Using Video PowerPoint Presentations to Summarize Complex Concepts and Ideas
Video can help bring information being presented in PowerPoint slides to life. It can also help the audience better understand a complex message. And, the combination of sight and sound makes video PowerPoint presentations more impactful and interesting. Studies have shown that we all connect better when there is a visual accompaniment to what we are learning. This is why PowerPoint presentations with video can be so successful.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more is a moving picture worth? It is often possible to replace long sections of text with short video clips in video PowerPoint presentations. Whether it’s video that contains stock footage, a product demonstration using your iPhone, or a professional video production, video is a great way to add impact to your PowerPoint presentations. When used wisely, video PowerPoint presentations result in a more engaged audience and better results from your meetings.

A short video at the beginning or at the end of a presentation is a smart way to add a sense of drama to your presentation delivery and get your audience excited about your message. You can create brand awareness or showcase a product or service by using segments of promotional clips in PowerPoint presentations with video. Recorded customer testimonial videos can be easily added to slides and are much more impactful than merely including some text quotes.

Every successful presentation starts and ends with well thought-out content. If you incorporate intelligent design into that content, you can greatly increase its impact. However, to make the most of your meetings and to ensure that you’re getting the best results, it might be worth your while to upgrade to video PowerPoint presentations.

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