eSlide’s Six Custom PowerPoint Design Tips: Whip Your Presentations into Shape in 2015

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Now that the overindulgence of the holidays is behind us, the mind turns to getting back into shape. At eSlide, we like to focus our fitness on PowerPoint.

It’s our mission to help you deliver the most effective, streamlined custom PowerPoint design possible. This means knowing what to put in, what to leave out, and how to decide which is which. Here we offer our quick guide to whipping your presentations into shape.

1. Time vs. Quantity

There is a temptation to include everything (including the kitchen sink) in a presentation out of fear that you’ll forget something important or run out of things to say. Don’t give in to the temptation. It’s important that the material you intend to present fits comfortably into the time you have for the presentation. Ask yourself: “What are the five things I want my audience to take away from my presentation?” Generally, people can remember five key messages per hour of presentation if the accompanying slides show effective supporting visuals.

2. One Idea at a Time Please

At eSlide, we recommend that you aim for one key point per slide. This way, your audience will have an easier time absorbing your information. Good custom PowerPoint design can help here, as it will show your big ideas as well as how you developed them without going into levels of detail that might confuse or bore your audience.

We also recommend that any information that doesn’t relate directly to the key points or theme of your presentation should be left out. Make every slide earn its place on the team!

3. Know Your Audience

Don’t present information your audience already has. This is a sure-fired way to lose their attention. A presentation on the same topic but given to different audiences will have to be adjusted according to what each audience already knows. Do your research. You have to know your audience well to know what to put in and what to leave out of your presentation.

4. Crucial Evidence

Your presentation must contain evidence to prove your point and this is where custom PowerPoint design can really make a difference. A well-designed infographic can amalgamate a large amount of data or other information into an easily-digestible and eye-catching format that will get your point across quickly and make a lasting impression. Forsome infographic inspiration, check out ‘Why Infographics Rule’ on

5. The Best for Last

Wait until your final or penultimate slide to deliver your best information. If you give them the ‘ah-ha’ too early, they may forget the real crux of your presentation. This is a good opportunity to integrate video and/or audio into your custom PowerPoint design. Engaging multiple senses gives your central point more punch and memorability.

6. Thank You and Goodnight

Make sure you start and end well, getting your audience on board straight away and leaving them with something to remember. At eSlide, we recommend end slides that show a clear summary of your key points and information on where to get more, eg, a website address. Custom PowerPoint design can help you start with a bang and leave them wanting more.

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