PowerPoint Presentation Help for Quarterly Internal Meetings

Quarterly Internal Meetings or “Quarterlies” are important opportunities to bring your team together and see how you’re progressing against your annual goals. They allow you to get everyone on the same page, keep leadership updated, and provide an important “continue, enhance, or pivot” evaluation point. However, like all important meetings, they need to be well organized and well executed to get results.

eSlide has worked with top executives by providing PowerPoint presentation help for their quarterly meetings for over 19 years; here are some of the top tips we’ve gathered on how to make them successful:

1. Set the right goals:

To ensure the most productive meeting, it’s important to know what senior leadership wants to learn from your team. Often they will have a list of key questions they want answered by all groups participating in the quarterly meeting process. By using those as an outline to help shape your content, you can tell your story in a way that resonates with leadership – which sets you up for success.

2. Build a continuous story:

Each of your quarterly internal meetings should relate to previous sessions, so you can show ongoing progress against your annual goals. It’s important to have some overview slides that show where you stand on the path towards each goal – what’s done, in progress, and yet to do. Then provide details on following pages by explaining incremental challenges, solutions, and results. It’s also important to show how your team’s goals link back to overarching company initiatives.

3. Leverage past presentation decks:

The easiest way to build a continuous story is to use your last quarterly meeting presentation as a starting point for the new deck. By keeping a library of past presentations, you can make this process easy (see last month’s productivity tips for details). As you present, keep track of slides that resonate with your audience or do a particularly good job of explaining a topic, and use those as guideposts for future presentations. Be sure to get PowerPoint presentation help from experienced presentation professionals to ensure those key slides are the best they can be.

4. Use streamlined visuals:

While it’s tempting to put all your data onto a single slide, numerous studies show that this is not the most effective way to successfully present your information. For example, Cognitive load theory explains that presenting too much information in one chunk reduces its impact. For presentations this means you should spread complex information across multiple slides or, even better, provide supporting details in handouts after the presentation.

5. Link your needs to business opportunities

A key element of Quarterly Internal Meetings is “the ask”, i.e., where you tell senior leadership what you need from them in order to achieve your goals. Our clients report a much higher success rate when they frame their requests in terms of ROI by showing what results can be expected from different levels of support. It’s important to get PowerPoint presentation help to ensure you’ve clearly explained your goals and linked them to larger corporate initiatives. If you’ve done this well, leadership should easily connect the dots to see how supporting your efforts is a win for the organization as a whole.

To get the best results from your next Quarterly Internal Meeting, contact eSlide to learn how we can help you turn your content into your most successful presentation.

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