7 Reasons Why You Still Need PowerPoint

Meetings are critical to business success, but they consume a lot of your most precious resource – time. One meeting among a small team can fill an entire day’s worth of hours. And studies show that disorganized meetings are associated with lower market share, innovation, and stability. So, how can you ensure your meetings are both effective and efficient?

PowerPoint can help! Get more out of every minute in meetings by employing PowerPoint presentation design. When used well, PowerPoint is still a meeting’s most indispensable tool. At eSlide we have seen our clients experience greater meeting success – and greater business success – through better visuals and better meeting communications.

Here are seven reasons why you still need PowerPoint, and why you should use it at your next meeting:

1. PowerPoint Keeps Meetings On Topic

A good PowerPoint helps the presenter keep the meeting organized and moving at a good pace. With virtual meetings, keeping an audience focused is even more of a challenge, so having a good PowerPoint presentation design will help the presenter stay in command of the audience’s attention. Even simply using an agenda slide will help attendees stay on topic and ensure you accomplish what you need.

2. PowerPoint Boosts Presenter Confidence

Most people dislike public speaking so anything that makes the job easier is a win. Having a well-designed slide deck can serve as a content guide for presenters, so they don’t have to worry about forgetting any of their important points. This allows them to relax and feel more confident so they come across as more knowledgeable, authoritative and engaging. All of this makes it more likely that audiences will pay attention and be convinced by their message.

3. PowerPoint Enables Quick Communication of Complex Ideas

PowerPoint allows presenters to translate complex ideas, facts, or figures into easily digestible visuals. Visual representations of information activate the right hemisphere of the brain, which allows viewers to interpret, expound, and engage with what they’re seeing. In the case of a PowerPoint presentation, this right-sided brain function makes perfect use of the software’s primary purpose, i.e., translating detailed information into visuals that enable the presenter to avoid audience confusion and keep the meeting moving.

4. PowerPoint Makes Your Presentation and Presenting Better

The act of creating a PowerPoint deck – putting ideas ‘on paper’ – forces the presenter to hone their message. By going through this process, they become more familiar with their content. This refinement exercise gives them a better chance of delivering a well-crafted and well-executed presentation. Think of it as a series of practice sessions that solidify a presenter’s ideas in their own mind, resulting in a stronger, more focused presentation.

5. PowerPoint is Perfect for Visual Messaging

PowerPoint is often maligned for being boring, but this is a problem of use rather than something inherently wrong with the software. When used properly, i.e., as a visual medium, it’s the perfect vehicle for communicating in meetings. Research shows that the brain consumes and comprehends images more effectively than words alone. Using visual representations of information in a PowerPoint presentation design allows the audience to digest the presenter’s ideas instantaneously, without the need for additional explanation.

6. PowerPoint Allows the Audience to Be ‘In The Moment’

When a presenter uses PowerPoint, attendees know they can have the deck afterward so they can focus on listening rather than taking notes during the meeting. This allows the audience to give the presenter their full attention, going on the journey as the presenter tells it. And because a PowerPoint deck is a perfect post-meeting handout, the presenter’s work is done when the presentation is finished.

7. PowerPoint Helps You Deliver a More Memorable Message

Well-crafted PowerPoint presentation design that makes the most of this visual medium enables an audience to remember ideas and messages better. Studies show that humans retain visuals easier than they do words, whether spoken or written down. Therefore, a presenter is more likely to move their audience to action if the audience can better recall what it is they have been asked to do after the meeting is over.

Bonus Tip: PowerPoint Presentation Design Professionals Save You Valuable Time

Your time is valuable, so don’t spend it on anything you don’t have to. eSlide has been working with top executives from Fortune 500 companies around the globe for more than 20 years. PowerPoint presentation design and enhancement is all we do. Let us focus on your presentation design, so you can focus on your content and meeting preparation.

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