Turn Heads with Great PowerPoint Graphics

What do great PowerPoint graphics and Oscar nominees Emma Stone, Viggo Mortensen, Naomie Harris, and Dev Patel have in common?

They all make an impact.

With a combination of substantive talent and great style, these stars really shine.

Great PowerPoint graphics do the same. They can help you and your next big business presentation make an impact like an Oscar award nominee on the red carpet.

That’s why it’s worth getting them right, and sourcing help when you need it. Celebrities regularly use stylists to help them make an impact, and you can too – a PowerPoint graphics stylist.

Shine like an Oscar star with great PowerPoint graphics

Visual content is everywhere these days. Audiences have come to expect it and we turn off from anything that’s too wordy. Words and bullet points can be part of your business presentation, but on their own, they aren’t going to win you any awards.

The result of all of this visual content is that we’re drowning in it, so most of it goes unnoticed too. This is why your business presentation ‘look’ has to stand out if you want it to make an impact – and PowerPoint graphics can give you that red-carpet style.

Strong visual content, like great PowerPoint graphics, helps cause a reaction in an audience. Think about plunging necklines or powder-blue tuxes on the red carpet. These are often more than simple sartorial choices; instead, they may be a conscious decision by a star trying to reach the top of the search engines or reignite a lackluster career.

But it’s important that the reaction your PowerPoint graphics are causing in your audience is one that will help them understand and connect with the message you want to send. That’s why your PowerPoint graphics have to be clear and to the point, rather than an attempt to impress that falls flat. Think: does my powder-blue tux say, “I’m a serious dramatic actor” or is it more, “I’ll act in anything, including that new sci fi about space monkeys taking over the US government”.

Refine your business presentation with a PowerPoint graphic stylist

Even the most effortless ‘look’ on the red carpet doesn’t come easy. It’s a team effort. From the clothes, shoes and jewelry to the makeup and hair, experts advise celebrities on how to get it right.

Stylists help these A-listers achieve the impact they want, helping them turn heads and generate enough click bait to secure that space monkey role.

To achieve the impact you want in the presentation room, it’s critical that your PowerPoint graphics are carefully conceived (no blue tuxes or see-through leotards). Every color, shape and font causes a different reaction and sends a different message, so it has to be right.

When you need your presentation to shine like one of the stars on Oscars’ night, consider getting the assistance of a PowerPoint graphics stylist like the professionals at eSlide.

Our talented team of presentation design consultants has a unique mix of artistic talent and technical know-how; both of which are necessary for helping you turn heads in the presentation room. Get in touch with us today and get ready to make an impact like the stars on the red carpet.

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