Interactive Presentations – All the Rage

It’s Harder and Harder to Keep an Audience’s Attention
Smart phones, tablets, laptops, email, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are just a few of the distractions we face when presenting to an audience. The answer is simple. Face your audience, speak passionately and intelligently to them, and watch for non-verbal feedback.

The key is eye contact. Where are their eyes looking? At you and your slides, or are they looking at another screen?

It would be rude to scream at your audience to get their attention. Although if you do have some really important information that needs to stand out, you could have someone run across the room with your critical numbers like our cartoon suggests. But it may be easier and more appropriate to have your slideshow SCREAM with powerful visuals. You could add emphasis by making your numbers zoom across the screen or even blow-up. With PowerPoint’s terrific animation tools and some creative thought, the possibilities really are almost endless.

An easy way to add emphasis is with color. Your eyes were probably drawn to the word “color” before you read anything else in this email. You might want to use a powerful photograph to grab people’s attention or even use a cartoon.

This month’s cartoon is from our favorite cartoonist Mike Lynch. Mike is very familiar with the world of PowerPoint. Many years ago Mike moonlighted as a PowerPoint graphic artist and his better half, Stacy, continues to design PowerPoint slides here at eSlide. Now who do you think has the better job?

If you’re interested in more tips on how to add emphasis to your slides without having to get someone to run across the room with your numbers, check out our next SEE Presentation Design Webinar here.

Of course you can always call eSlide and have Stacy design a slide that pops too!

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