Get Your Creative Juices Flowing for Your Next Business PowerPoint Presentation

Temperatures are heating up, and the creative juices are flowing here at eSlide.

If you’re like us and you like your business PowerPoint presentation to be original, with a touch of wow factor, here are two great ways to bring some creativity to your next presentation.

Create and Import Your Own Original Artwork

To inject some individuality into your next business PowerPoint presentation, you can create your own artwork using design software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and then quickly and easily import it as an .emf file directly into PowerPoint.

The beauty of doing this is that, once in situ, you can manipulate details like fill color, line color and shape all within PowerPoint, so you don’t have to go back and forth when you want to make alterations. And, you can do it all without losing any of your artwork’s original quality.

You can also scale your original art as big or small as you want and the quality will be as good as it was when you created it. And because you can edit each piece of your artwork independently, you can also animate each part separately, expanding your options even more.

This allows you to reuse your artwork in different incarnations in upcoming business PowerPoint presentations, without the hassle of going back to the source software to make changes. (Importing .emf files from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw only works on a PC, but there are apps that allow you to do the same on a Mac, eg, OpenOffice.)

Add Some Imagination to Your Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs are a regular feature of many business PowerPoint presentations as they are an effective way to convey lots of information easily and clearly.

You’ve likely used PowerPoint’s chart and graph formatting options before, but have you explored the software’s advanced options? These go far beyond what you’ll find in the default settings.

Depending on what part of the chart or graph you select (vs. selecting the entire chart or graph), you will have access to a wide variety of customizable options.

Click on your chart and then select the ‘Format’ tab. Next, select the ‘Format Selection’ button all the way to the top left of your toolbar. This will open up a wealth of additional options, including 3-D formatting and rotation.

To create truly unique business PowerPoint presentations, explore the software’s advanced formatting options for your next chart or graph.

Get Creative with Your Next Business PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint allows you to be as creative as you want to be. It’s another one of the reasons why we love it here at eSlide – and why we don’t work with anything else.

We also think it’s another reason for the software’s ubiquity and longevity in the business world – because it allows business people to unleash their inner artist and add some individuality and personality to their business PowerPoint presentations.

So, take the boring out of the boardroom with your next business PowerPoint presentation. And remember, we’re here to help if you get stuck with any of the technical bits or if you want us to help you tweak your creative masterpiece. Get in touch.

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