4 Truths About Business Presentation Design

business presentation design truths

Ask ‘what makes good design?’ and you’ll likely get a different answer from every designer you ask.

But there are some universal truths about design that will thread through all of their answers.

And these truths apply to business presentation design too.

1. Keep It Simple

Keep it simple. You hear this over and over again when it comes to design, yet it’s the one truth that is frequently NOT applied when it comes to business presentation design.

Instead, what you often get are PowerPoint presentations with a sea of text, broken up with bullet points. This is what’s known as information overload, and it’s not going to get your audience running to take action.

As every Apple devotee knows, Steve Jobs was the king of simple design. He applied it to his products, both inside and out, from circuit boards to packaging. And it’s one of the major factors attributed to the success of Apple products.

So think of the Apple ethos the next time you’re creating a business presentation, and keep it simple.

2. Make It Usable

You might not think of usability as being an element of good business presentation design, but it is.

Good business presentation design enables the presenter and his or her presentation to work as a team, each with its distinct role, complimenting and reinforcing each other rather than making one or the other redundant.

But to do this, your presentation has be a natural extension of your presenting, not a word-for-word reiteration of it. Your presentation should reinforce what you’re saying, not drown it out.

To be usable, your presentation needs to illustrate your key messages in a way that makes them stay with your audience, bouncing around in their heads for days after they hear them.

3. Be Distinct

In the onslaught of PowerPoint slides in the business world, it’s easy for your presentation to get lost and forgotten.

This is why your presentation has to be distinct if you want people to pay attention and to remember you and your ideas.

PowerPoint is a great tool. (That’s why we devote our entire business to it.) But its default themes and templates aren’t the best way to get your message across.

So while they may be easy to fall back on when you’re running out of time, taking the easy way out is how you end up with a presentation that looks like all the others.

Good business presentation design has to go beyond the bullet points if you want your presentation to be successful.

So make sure your next business presentation is a unique reflection of your key messages.

4. The Total Package

From beginning to end, your business presentation design needs to be a seamless package, presenting your ideas as a cohesive whole.

From the fonts to the colors and the graphics to the animations, every piece of your presentation reflects on the whole, so every aspect must be considered and chosen carefully.

If you need help deciding on the best way to present your important information, eSlide can lend a hand.

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